01/2015 Amendment to Rule 3 and Rule 13 of Railway Services (Conduct) rules, 1966 [E(D&A) 2014 GS1-3 Date :12-01-2015]

 02/2015 Amendment to Rule 3C of Railway Services (Conduct) rules, 1966 * हिंदी में [E(D&A) 2014 GS-1-4 Date : 12-01-2015]

03/2015 Constitution of Committee for interview/viva-voce in connection with recruitment of Gr. ‘C’ posts and posts in PB-I (GP1800) including screening of Substitutes on Indian Railways * हिंदी में E(NG)-II/96/RR-1/40 Date : 20-01-2015

04/2015 Status of Archery Association of India, Indian Ameture Boxing Fedration and Gymnastic Fedration of India. [2015/ E(Sports)/4(1)/1/Status Date: 21-01-2015]

05/2015 Extension of second chance for Aptitude Test for recruitment Ass. Loco Pilots to those wards who have passed the written test but could not clear the Aptitude Test under LARSGESS [E(P&A)I-2013/RT-3 Dated :23-01-2015

06/2015 Central Govt. Employees Group Insurance Scheme, 1980-Tables of Benefits for the Saving Fund for the period from 01.01.2015 to 31.12.2015 [PC-III/2000/GIS/2 Date: 23-01-2015]

07/2015 Payment of Death Gratuity to Minor - regarding. F(E)III/2008/PN1/12 Date 29-01-2015)

08/2015 Deletion of Data Preparation and Computer Software trade from the Apprentics Act,1961

09/2015 Forwarding Notification -Apprentices (Amendments Act, 2014 (29 of 2014) E(MPP)/2015/6/1 Date 03.02.2015

10/2015 Reckoning of 30% pay element for the purpose towards leave encashment upto 10 days to running staff. (E(P&A)II-2011/RS-20 Date :12-02-2015)

11/2015 Filling up posts of Loco Inspectors and Power Controllers/Crew Controllers   (E(P&A)II-2007/RS-14 Date :12-02-2015)

12/2015 Rule 5 of Railway servants (Discipline and appeal) Rules, 1968- Instructions regarding timely review of Suspension (E(D&A) 2014 RG6-35 Date : 18-02-2015)

13/2015 New Catering Policy 2010-Repatriation of 188 Deemed Deputationist Officials (DDOs) to Railway from IRCTC * हिंदी में E(NG) I-2003TR/10/pt III Date 02.03.2015

14/2015 Revision of Pension of pre-2006 pensioners -Inclusion of Non-practicing Allowance (NPA) in revision of pension of retored medical officers F(E)III/2008/PN1/12 Date 04.03.2015

15/2015 Alignment of Service Rules with the sexual Harassment of women at workplace (prevention, prohibition and redressal) Act 2013 E(D&A) 2015 GS1-1 Date 05.03.2015

16/2015 Forwarding of Gazette Notification No. G.S.R.910(E) Dated 19.12.2014, regarding enhancement of rates of stipend for Graduate, Technician, (Vocational) apprentices under the Apprentices Act 1961 E(MPP)/2015/6/2 Date 09.03.2015

17/2015 Relaxation in minimum education qualification norms for recruitment of sportspersons in Group ‘C’ against sports quota, both through Talent Scouting and Open Advertisement, against the posts under Non-Technical Popular Categories. E(NG)I-2003/TR/10/Pt III DAte 12.03.2015

18/2015 New Catering Policy 2010-Repatriation of 188 Deemed Deputationist Officials (DDOs) to Railway from IRCTC * हिंदी मेंE(NG) I-2003TR/10/pt III Date 12.03.2015

19/2015 Family Identity Cards to retiring/retired Railway Employees E(W)2003 PS 5-8/1 Date 16.03.2015

20/2015 Simplification of Pension Procedure-पेंशन प्रक्रिया का सरलीकरण - सेवानिवृत होने वाले सरकारी सेवक द्वारा पेंशन के कागजातों के साथ वचन -पत्र प्रस्तुत करने के सम्बन्ध में Other Pages F(E)III/2008/PN1/13 Date 17.03.2015

21/2015 Minimum educational qualification for open market recruitment to various posts on the Railways. E(NG)II/2012/RR-1/16/Pt.A. 18.03.215

22/2015 Clarification regarding acceptance of educational qualification obtained through distance education mode from Open University without undergoing formal education for the purpose of employment on the Railways-Reg. E(NG)-II/2013/RR-1/8 Date 18.03.2015

23/2015 Special Training Module on Soft Skill E(MPP)/2015/3/8 Date 19.03.2015

24/2015 Monetary incentive in the form of training allowance to faculty members of 99 training centers for Group 'C' & 'D' Staff. E(MPP)2013/3/18 Date 20.03.2015

25/2015 Recognition to the game of Judo for the purpose of recruitment of sportspersons against sports quota. 2015/E(Sports)/4(1)/4/Judo Date 23.03.2015

26/2015 The Lokpal and lokayukatas Act,2013 Submission of declarations and assets and liabilities by the Railway servents E(D&A)2014 GS1-2 Date 25.03.2015

27/2015 Out of turn promotion of sportspersons on sports account in Probation Period. 2015/E(Sports)/4(1)/5/Probation PeriodDate 25.03.2015

28/2015 Incentives to the staff and officers posted on USBRL Project and identified "difficult project" of N F Railway (Const.)-Air Travel Facility E(G)2014/AL 12-5 Date 25.03.2015

29/2015 Acceptance of certificates/qualification awarded by various Boards of School Education in India for the purpose of employment in Indian Railways. E(NG)-II/2009/RR-1/11 Date 26.03.2015

30/2015 "Anubhav"- Showcasing outstanding work done during service-submission of details by a retiring Government Employee. E(G)/2015/PN2/3 Date 27.03.2015

31/2015 Promotion of ST/SC employees against reserved vacancies in Stenographers grades on Railway -Applicability of the best amongst the failures scheme. 2008-E(SCT)I/25/6 Date 27.03.2015

32/2015 Policy on

34/2015 Residency period for promotion from Goods Driver to Sr. goods Driver, Passanger Driver to Sr. Pasanger Driver, Goods Guard to Sr. Goods Guard, Passanger Guard to Sr. Passanger Guard and ALP to Sr. ALP E(NG)I-2014/PM7/5 Date 09.04.2015

35/2015 Payment of Dearness Allowance to Railway employees- Revised rates effective from 01.01.2015 PC-VI/349 Date 13.04.2015

36/2015 The Lokpal and Lokayukt Act, 2013-Submission of declarations of assets and liblities by the Raiway Servants -Corrigendum regarding. E(D&A) 2014 GS1-2 Date 17/04/2015

38/2015  Retention of Railway Quarter -Consolidated clarification regarding E(G)2011 QR 1-15 Date 28/29.04.2015

39/2015 Training on Disaster Management for Front Line Staff E(MPP) 2015/3/7 Date 24.04.2015

40/2015 The Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013 – Submission of declarations of assets and liabilities by the Railway Servant

41/2015 Grant of Washing Allowance to all employees drawing Grade Pay of Rs. 1800/- and provided official uniform F(E)I/2005/AL-29/4 Date 01.05.2015

43/2015 Selection procedure for promotion to selection posts-Formation of panel in the order of seniority amongst those securing qualifying marks. E(NG)I-2011/PM1/26 date 05.05.2015

44/2015 Grant of honorarium to the Inquiry Officer (IO) and Presenting Officer (PO) for conducting Departmental Inquiries in cases other than Vigilance Investigation. E(G) 2012/HO1-13 Date 07.05.2015

45/2015 Upper Age limit for direct recruitment to non gazetted posts on the Railways   E(NG)-II/94/RR-1/29 Date 11.05.2015

46/2015 Providing training facilities for persons with disabilities-Guidelines. E(MPP) 2015/3/13 Date 14.05.2015

47/2015 Indigenous system of medicine –Homeopathic /Ayurvedic dispensaries –Revised Policy Reg. E(W) 2013/ISM/1 Date 18.05.2015

48/2015 Grant of Incentive Increment to Railway Cricket Players for Medal Winning performance in T-20 Cricket Matches. 2015/E(Sports)/4(1)/9/Incentive Increments(CKT) Date 19.05.2015

49/2015 Minimum Educational Qualification for open market requirement  to various posts in Medical Department on the Railways. E(NG)II/2001/RR-1/45 Date 22.05.15

50/2015 Training of Supervisors on subjects Related to “ Environment and Climate Change.” E(MPP)2015/3/15 Date 22.05.2015

51/2015 Recognition of Training Centers on Indian Railways. E(MPP)2015/3/6 Date 22.05.2015

52/2015 Recognition of 07 Training Centers on Indian Railways. E(MPP)2015/3/6 Date 22.05.2015

53/2015 Children Education Allowance -FAQ E(W)2008/ED-2/4 Date 01.06.2015

54/2015 Staff Benefit Fund (for outstanding performance) E(W)2014/FU-1/1 Date 01.06.2015

56/2015 Clarification on travel by Air in Business class as stipulated in Economy measures issued by Ministry of Finance F(E)I/2015/AL-28/23 Date 03.06.2015

57/2015 Change in age group for Col. C K Nayudu Trophy for Cricket(Men) for recruitment and incentive purpose on Indian Railways 2013/E(Sports)/4(1)/1/Policy Clarifications Date 09.06.2015

58/2015 Rates of Night Duty Allowance wef 01.01.2015 E(P&A)II-2015/HW-1 Date 08.06.2015

59/2015 Annual Performance Appraisal Report (APAR) of non-gazetted staff-Addition of a new column in the performance for filling Annual Return of Immovable Property-Regarding. E(NG)I-2015/CR/2 Date 10.06.2015

60/2015 Scheme for GDCE for filling up of 25%-50% of net direct recruitment quota vacancies in Group'C' categories -Partial shift in the duty of agency conducting GDCE regarding. E(NG)I-2008/PM1/6 Date 10.06.2015

61/2015 Absorption of  medically unfit staff to RPF/RPSF in alternative post-Reg E(NG)I-2015/RE-3/2 Date 12.06.2015

62/2015 Publication of notification for open market recruitment to posts in PB-I GP 1800 E(NG)-II /2009/RR-1/10/Pt (7525) Date 12.06.2015

63/2015 Grant of Special Casual Leave to differently abled employees. E(G)2015 LE 1-15 Date 15.06.2015

64/2015 Mandatory Yoga Training for All officers/Staff of Indian Railways including RPF Personnel. E(MPP)2015/3/10 Date 15.06.2015

65/2015 Revision of Ration Money Allowance in respect of Non- Gazetted RPF/RPSF personnel. E(P&A)I-2005/ALL/RPF/2 Date 19.06.2015

66/2015 Education qualification for recruitment to Group ‘C’ posts in Track Machine Organization (TMO) Departments on the Railway E(NG)I-2015/CR/3 Date 24.06.2015

67/2015 Recognition of qualification acquired through distance learning mode from IGNOU , New Delhi Diploma/Degrees –Acceptance for purpose of employment on the Railway E(NG)-II/2010/RR-1/17 Date 16.06.2015

68/2015 Maintenance and preparation of Annual Performance Appraisal Reports- Communication of all entries for fairness and transparency in public administration –Reg. E(NG)I-2015/CR/3 Date 24.06.2015

70/2015 Education qualification for the post of Graduate Teacher -Clarification E(P&A)I-2014/PS-5/PE-4 Date 24.06.2015

71/2015 Nomination of separate Liaison Officer for looking after matters relating to OBCs-reg. 97-E(SCT)I/71/2 Date 29.06.2015

73/2015 Fixation of Stipend for Apprentice JEs selected through LDCE during their training period सीमित विभागीय परीक्षा के माध्यम से चुने गए प्रशिक्षु जूनियर इंजीनियर का उनकी प्रशिक्षण अवधि के दौरान वजीफा निर्धारित करना PC-VI 351 Date 30.06.2015

76/2015 Amended Certificate of Registration No S -33475 Dated 03.06.2015 (Provisional)  and Amended Constitution of AIOBCREF Registered (Provisional) 1998-E(SCT)I/71/2 Date 08.07.2015

77/2015 All India OBC Railway employees Federation -Guidelines Reg. 1998-E(SCT)I/71/2 Date 10.07.2015

78/2015 Denial of benefit under LARSGESS in case of both mother & father are working in the categories covered under the scheme-PNM AIRF Item No 18/2015 E(P&A)A-2013/RT-3 Date 10.07.2015

80/2015 Minimum educational qualification for the post of Radiographer- Clarification Reg. E(NG)II/2001/RR-1/45 Date 14.07.2015

81/2015 Recruitment against Sports Quota on the basis of medal winning position in All India Inter University Championship only through Open Advertisement Quota. 2015/E(sports)/4(1)/11/Open Adv. Date 16.07.2015

84/2015 अन्य पिछड़ा वर्ग जाति प्रमाण पत्र जारी करने सम्बन्धी प्रारूप में संशोधन Revision of Format for OBC Certificate 2015-E(SCT)I/31/2 Date 27.07.2015

86/2015   Revision of Pension of Pre-2006 Railway Pensioners with effect from 1st January 2006 instead of 24.09.2012 - Revision of pension of pre-2006 pensioners-reg – F(E)III/2008/PN1/12 Date 31.07.2015

RBE 87/2015- AIRF PNM Item No 07/2010-Grant of HPCA & PCA to Gr. ‘C’ & ‘D’  (Non Ministerial) Railway Employee Working in Railway Hospitals & Health Units E(P&A) II-98/HW-6 Vol III Date 31.07.2015

101/2015 LARSGESS Clarification E(P&A)I-2015/FE-4/3 Dated 10.09.2015

105/2015 अधिसूचना – अनुशासन एवं अपील नियम Notification – Discipline and Appeal E(D&A) 2015RG 6-2

106/2016  Holding of Selections for promotion to Group ‘B’ post of Law Officer on the Railways E(GP)2001/2/32 Date 11/09/2015

107/2015 Requirement of taking permission by Railway servant for leaving station/headquarters (Abroad) E(P&A) I-2015/CPC/LE-3 Date 18-09-2015

108/2015 टीए/डीए के बकाए के अंतर का भुगतान Payment of difference on arrears of TA/DA F(E)I/2015/AL-28/46 Date 21.09.2015

112/2015 Railway services extraordinary pension amendment rules 2015 2015/F(E)III/1(3)/7 Date 22.09.2015

113/2015 Railway services commution of pension amendment rules 2015 2015/F(E)III/1(2)/8 Date 22.09.2015

114/2015 Alignment of Service Rules with the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013 E(D&A)2015 GS1-1 Date 23-09-2015

115/2015 DA to Railway Employees wef 01-07-2015 रेल कर्मचारियों को महंगाई भत्ते की अदायगी PC-VI/356 Date 24.09.2015

121/2015 PLB to Railway Employees रेलवे कर्मचारियों को उत्पादकता आधारित बोनस

122/2015 Fixation of pay of ex-serviceman re-employed on the Railway. E(G)2013/EM 1-5 Date 08-10-2015

129/2015 Minimum prescribed educational qualification for direct recruitment to the post of Assistant Loco Pilot on Indian Railways. E(NG)-II/2000/RR-1/47 Date 19-10-2015

132/2015 Amended Certificate of Registration No S-33475 Dated 03.06.15 (provisional) and Amended Constitution of All India Other Backward Classes Railway employees federation registered (Provisional) 1998-E(SCT) I/71/2Date 26.10.2015

133/2015 All India OBC Railway Employees Federation -guidelins Reg. 1998-E(SCT) I/71/2Date 26.10.2015

135/2015 Amendment to the Indian Railway Establishment Code, Vol-I, 1985 Edition E(GP)2005/1/33 Date 28-10-2015

138/2015 Acceptance of Diploma /Degree in Engineering Prescribed for open market recruitment to posts on the Railway – Duration of course regarding E(NG)-II/2013/RR-1/11 DAte 02-11-2015

139/2015 Sparing of talented players under Railway’s Centre of Excellence (CoE) Scheme 2014/E(Sports) /4(2)/3(SCL) DAte 29-10-15

142/2015 Procedure for conducting Stenography Skill Test on Personnel Computers for Filling up of post of Stenographers. E(NG) I-2010/PM4/3 Date 10.11.2015

144/2015 Revision of Rates of stipend to apprentices and trainees on Railways PC-VI/358 and PC-V/2008/PS/1(Stipend) DAte 16-11-2015

145/2015 Grant of Transport Allowance @7000 +DA thereon to officers drawing GP 10000 on Functional  basis-clarification reg. PC-V /2010/A/TA/1 Date 17-11-2015

146/2015 Retention of Railway Quarter at the previous place of posting by Railway Employeess posted to Northeast Frontier Railway E(G)2008 QR1-9 Date 18.11.2015

 147/2015 Modified ACP Scheme (MACPS) for Railway employees -clarification rearding PC-VI/360 and PC -V/2009/ACP/2 DAte 23-11-2015

 148/2015 Admissibility of two additional increments  (non- absorbable) in 5th CPC pay scale wef 1-1-96 to the nursing staff possesing B.Sc. Nursing PC-V/508 and PC-V/2003I/7/6/1 DAte 23-11-2015

149/2015 Rates of Night Duty Allowance wef 01.07.2015 E(P&A)II-2015/HW-1 DAte 23.11.2015

150/2015 Railway Service Conduct Rules, 1966 and The Lokpal and lokayukatas Act,2013 Submission of declarations and assets and liabilities by the Railway servents E(D&A)2015 GS1-7 Dated 24.11.2015

152/2015 Implementation of Government's Decision on the recomndations of the 6th CPC -Revision of pension of pre-2006 pensioners /family pensioners. F(E)III/2008/PN1/12 Date 04.12.2015

153/2015 Clarification regarding qualification prescribed for open market recruitment to the post of Lab. Assistant, Gr II in GP 2000 E(NG)-II/2001/RR-1/20 Date 07-12-2015

154/2015 Entitlement of Air Travel F(E)I/2015/AL-28/23 Date 10.12.2015

155/2015 Retention of Railway accommodation in the event of deputation of Railway Officer to non-Railway PSUs/Statutory /Autonomous bodies /Societies. E(G)2015 QR-1-3 Date 10.12.15

156/2015 Updating names of Institutions in the list of recognized institution, for membership and reimbursment of membership fee. E(G) 2010/FE 1/2 Date 14.12.2015

157/2015 Selection for the post of Ticket Examiner against 16-2/3% LDCE Quota E(NG)I-2015/CFP/5 Date 15.12.2015

158/2015 Periodical Transfer of non-gazetted Railway Employees E(NG)I-2009/TR/7 Date 17.12.15

159/2015 Increasing quota percentage for technician III posts in Diesel/Electric  Lco/EMU Sheds on Indian Railway from existing 20% to 25% E(NG)I-2014/PM7/1 Date 18.12.2015

160/2015 Liberalized Active Retirement Scheme for Guaranteed Employment for Safety Staff (LARSGESS)-Inclusion of additional categories-PNM/AIRF Item No. 38/2012 and PNM/NFIR Item No. 14/2013. E(P&A)I-2010/RT-2 Dated 18.12.2015

161/2015 Clarification regarding grant of CTG सीटीजी स्वीकृत करने के संबंध मे स्पष्टीकरण F(E)I/2015/AL-28/57 Date 23.12.2015

162/2015 Representation from Railway servants on service matters-reiteration of instructions-Reg. E(D&A) 2015 GS1-6 Date 29-12-2015

Accounts Circular

RBA 16/2015 Filling up of posts of Accounts Stock Verifiers (ASVs) –Allowing Appendix -2 IREM qualified Accounts Clerks & Jr. Shroffs to be posted as Accounts Stock Verifiers (ASVs)

RBA 18/2015 Appendix -3 (IREM) Examination-Clarification on Exemption. A(E)/A3/2015/1/1 Date 03.03.2015

RBA 31/2015 Introduction of Single Window System (SWS) for reimbursement of Railway Pensions. 2013/AC-II/21/8(part) Date 25.05.2015

RBA 28/2015  ACS No. 41 to Accounts Code Part-I Amendment to the Scheme of Payment of Railway Pension through PSBs 2010/AC-II/21/12(pt) Date 20.04.2015

RBA 30/2015 Revision of Subscriber Registration Forms-New Pension Scheme 2014/AC-II/21/4 Date 21.05.2015

Commercial Circular

01/2015 Senior Scale Officers Committee for assesment of need to appoint STBS 15.01.2015

02/2015 Requisitons for release of Emergency Quota 21.01.2015

03/2015 Facility of free journey to SC/ST candidates appearing in exams conducted by RRB/RRC on the downloadable admit cards 22.01.2015

04/2015 GO India Smart Card Secheme. 22.01.2015

06/2015 Service of branded Ready to Eat (RTE) meals on Trains 30.01.2015

07/2015 Increase in the size of PRS tickets 10.02.2015

08/2015 Outsourcing of cleanliness at 50 major stations-Budget Abnnouncement 2014-15 17.02.2015

09/2015 Bharat Darshan Trains 27.02.2015

10/2015 Emergency quota for Railway Employees suffering from cancer. 27.02.2015

11/2015 Time limit for Advance Reservations 27.02.2015

12/2015 Delegation of power to earmark/enhance Defence Deptt. quota to Zonal Railways 05.03.2015

13/2015 Printing of All India helpline number 138 and Security Helpline No.182 on the ticket. 09.03.2015

14/2015 Irregularity in booking - Modification of tickets on ARP date. 10.03.2015

             Restriction of only one booking in one user login session in case of e-ticketing.

15/2015 Reservation facilities for Sr citizen and female passengers including pregnant women. 13.03.2015

16/2015 Appointment of facilitators for issuing of unreserved tickets through ATVMS 17.03.2015

17/2015 Revision of Platform Ticket Rates 16.03.2015

18/2015 Conseccion based ticketing including online ticketing for the physically challeenged persons using Photo Identity Card issued by the Railways 19.03.2015

19/2015 Policy on Luxury Tourist Trains being operated or to be operated in association with State Tourism Departments or IRCTC 27.03.2015

20/2015 Policy on Luxury Tourist Trains being operated or to be operated in association with State Tourism Corporations or IRCTC- Master circular 30.03.2015

21/2015 Clarification regarding Yatri Ticket Suvidha Kendra (YTSK) 07.04.2015

22/2015 Announcement regarding all helpline/complaint lodging system. 15.04.2015

23/2015 Declaring Sleeper Class Coaches as Sleeper Class unresreved /unresreved second class 16.04.2015

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