RBE 1/2012    Implementations of Governments decision on the recommendations of the 5th CPC Revision of pension of Pre-and post 1986 pensioners /family pensioners etc-
RBE 2/2012    Reservation for other  Backward classes in civil posts and services under the Govt of India sub-quota for minority communities
RBE 3/2012    Special Allowance to vigilance inspectors working in zonal railway/production units
RBE 4/2012    Safety Related Retirement Scheme covering  safety categories with Grade pay of Rs.1900/-
RBE 5/2012    Interpretation of dependency criterion for grant of two family pensions under the CCS(pension) Rules, 1972 which corresponds to Railway services (pension)Rules 1993-regarding.
RBE 6/2012    Amendment to Indian Rly Estt.Code Vol.1 (1985Edition)chapter v-Leave rules & Appendix v study Leave rules.
RBE 7/2012    Recruitment of sports person against sports quota in the category of skilled Artisans.
RBE 8/2012    Grant of cash award complaint regarding misappropriation of Government money in the purchase of gift articles by fraudulent acts.
RBE 9/2012    Recruitment of sports persons against sports quota
RBE 10/2012    Additional set uniform for breakdown staff.
RBE 11/2012    Disaster Management Training.
RBE 12/2012    Recruitment of sports persons against sports quota.
RBE 13/2012    Issue of special passes for retired Railway officers empanelled as inquiry officers –Amendment of schedule VII of  Railway servants (pass) Rules,1986
RBE 14/2012    Replacement of the terminology Medical Decategorisation as” Alternative employment on medical Ground in chapter –XIII IREM VOL.1 revised addition -1989 first Re print edition-2009.
RBE 15/2012    Grant of Dearness Relief to the Railway pensioners who are in receipt of provisional pensioner pension in the pre revised scale of Vth CPC w.e.f. 01.07.2011
RBE 16/2012    Recognition of certificate /Qualification of ITI upgraded as centre of Excellence (COE) and its acceptance for the purpose of employment in Railways.
RBE 17/2012    Periodical transfer of non –Gazetted  Railway employees.
RBE 18/2012    Grant of  special Allowance for child care for women with disability.
RBE 19/2012    Travelling allowance rules –Journey on Transfer/Retirement.
RBE 20/2012    Modified Assured career progression scheme for the Railway employees –clarification regarding. 
RBE 21/2012    Relaxation in retention Railway of Railway quarter by the compassionate appointees in case of missing Railway servants.
RBE 22/2012    Family pension –list of documents to be submitted by a claimant member of family (other then spouse ) along with from 10,PPO and death certificate in respect of the deceased pensioner regarding.
RBE 23/2012    Manpower planning on Indian Railway.
RBE 24/2012    Grant of family pension to the next eligible member in the family in the case of missing family pensioners.
RBE 25/2012    List of training centers on Indian Railways.
RBE 26/2012    Incentive increments for outstanding sports achievements.
RBE 27/2012    Revision of training module of supervision.
RBE 28/2012    Appointment on compassionate Grounds –test regarding.
RBE 29/2012    Constitution of committee for interview /viva –voce in connection with recruitment to Group ‘C’ posts and posts in pay Band -1of Rs.5200-20200(Grade pay Rs.1800) including screening of substitutes on Indian Railways.
RBE 30/2012    Inter-Railway own Request transfer of sports persons, recruited against sports quota ,from one Railway/ Unit to another Rly/Unit.
RBE 31/2012    Recruitment to posts in pay Band-1 of Rs.5200-20200(Grade pay Rs.1800)on Indian Railways.
RBE 32/2012    Revised training module for Assistant LOCO pilots.
RBE 33/2012    Revised rate of two additional increments of the Nursing staff.
RBE 35/2012    Enforcement of contract labor (R&A) Act, 1970 and the building and other  construction workers regulation of employment and conditions of service Act,1996 by ALLministries/PSUs/units
RBE 36/2012    Action on inquiry report – communicating tentative reasons for disagreement with the findings of the Inquiry officer etc.
RBE 37/2012    Validity of Duty passes for travel in Duronto Express trains
RBE 38/2012    Recruitment of sports persons against quota.

RBE 39/2012    Surrendering of Higher Grade Posts
RBE 40/2012    Rly services (Revised pay) rules,2008 date of  next increment in the revised pay structure under rule 10 of the RS (RP) rules 2008.
RBE 41/2012    Extending the validity of full/half sets of privilege Passes, post retirement complimentary pass, Widow Passes/PTOs
RBE 42/2012    Recruitment of sports persons against sports quota.
RBE 43/2012    Utilization of railway quarters lying surplus due to shift /closure of establishments-Delegation of power to.
RBE 44/2012    Railway services (pension) (Amendment) Rules 2012
RBE 45/2012    Clarification on Children Education Allowance.
RBE 46/2012    Complaints Committee to enquire in to complaints of sexual harassment against additional Secretaries and secretaries to the Government of  India –reconstitution and extension of members of the Complaints Committee regarding.
RBE 47/2012    Revised pay limits for entitlement of PASS/PTOs reckoning of running allowance in case of running staff.
RBE 48/2012    Periodical transfer of non Gazetted railway employee.
RBE 49/2012    Payment of Dearness allowance to employees –revised  rates effective from 01-01-2012.
RBE 50/2012    Selection for Intermediate Apprentices from amongst skilled Artisans for Absorption as JE in G>P> 9300-34800 allowing one more but final chance to Appear in Selection with pre-revised qualification.
RBE 51/2012    Grant of Transport Allowance to the running staff duty taking in to account pay plus 30% of pay.
RBE 52/2012    Recruitment of Sports persons on Zonal Railway / production Units against sports quota.
RBE 53/2012    Applicability of new pension scheme to the employees of the Autonomous Bodies/ PSUs under various central ministries /departments.
RBE 54/2012    Amendment to the Indian Railway Establishment code, Volume II 1987 Edition (Second Reprint 2005) Chapter 14- Dearness and other Compensatory Allowance.
RBE 55/2012    State railway provident fund rate of interest during the year 2011-2012
RBE 56/2012    Revision of minimum Rates of wages and variable Dearness Allowance.
RBE 57/2012    Upper age limit for direct Recruitment Group ‘D’& C posts on the Railway.
RBE 58/2012    Central Government  employees Group insurance scheme , 1980 Tables of Benefits for the savings fund for the period from01-01-2012 to 31-12-2012.
RBE 59/2012    Recruitment against physically Handicapped quota –lunch of special Recruitment Driver regarding.
RBE 60/2012    Grant of Dearness Relief to Railway pensioners / family pensioners –revised rate effective from 01-01-2012
RBE 62/2012    Reorganization of Badminton federation of india cycling federation of India. 
RBE 63/2012    01.01.2012 Rate of Night duty Allowance.
RBE 64/2012    Modification of jurisdiction of RRB / Gorakhpur
RBE 65/2012    Implementation of Recommendations of 6th CPC merger of Grades –revised classification –and mode of filling up of non Gazetted posts –scheme for filling up of vacancies after 31/12/2011
RBE 66/2012    Retention of Railway quarter by Railway officers /staff posted to ECR and NWR.
RBE 67/2012    Sixth CPC Recommendations regarding encashment of leave on average pay (LAP) while availing privilege Pass/PTO –clarification regarding reckoning of NPA while calculating encashment of LAP.
RBE 69/2012    List of Holiday Homes on Indian Railways
RBE 70/2012    Age Relaxation to the residents of the state of Jammu & kasmir.
RBE 71/2012    Recruitment of sports persons against spots quota in team games.
RBE 72/2012    Implementation of recommendation contained in para 61 of 44th report of parliamentary standing committee on home Affairs –following a time schedule for disbursement of pension regarding.
RBE 73/2012    Displaying the details of the Training centers on the website of the Zonal Railway / PUS.
RBE 74/2012    Qualitative improvement in Training.
RBE 75/2012    Recruitment of sports persons on zonal railway/production units against spots quota clarification.
RBE 76/2012    Recruitment to posts in pay Band -1 of Rs.5200-20200 (GP 1800) on Indian Railway Delinking of Ex- servicemen quota regarding.
RBE 77/2012    Revision in the rates of  kilometreage Allowance and Allowance in lieu of kilometreage (ALK) with effect from 01.01.2011
RBE 79/2012    Complimentary passes issued to chakra Awardees. 
RBE 82/2012    Recognition / acceptance of section ‘A’ and “B’ examination  conducted by the institution of engineers (India) ,8 Gokhale Road ,Kolkata for employment purpose on the Railway.
RBE 83/2012    Railway service (Revised pay) rule 2008 –clarification regarding provised under rules 10.
RBE 84/2012    Complimentary card passes issued to Arjuna Awards.
RBE 85/2012    Training slots for trade apprentices under the apprentices Act.1961
RBE 86/2012    Induction of Trackmen in to other departments revision of age limit regarding.
RBE 89/2012    Applicability of new pension scheme to the employees of Autonomous central ministries / departments.
RBE 90/2012    Imparting moral education to directly recruited staff / supervisors.
RBE 91/2012    Restructuring / reorganization of stabbing pattern of trackmen on Indian Railways. 
RBE 92/2012    Recognition / acceptance of qualification awarded by model industrial training institutes (MITIs), Haldwani/ Jodhpur / Calicut/choudwar regarding.
RBE 93/2012    Children education allowance / Hostel subsidy –clarification.
RBE 94/2012    Recognition of qualification of prathana examination conducted by Hindi sahitya sammelan Allahabad.
RBE 95/2012    Recruitment of sports persons against spots quota.
RBE 97/2012    Imparting moral education to directly recruited staff supervisors.
RBE 98/2012    Study leave for Jawahar lal Nehru memorial fellowship and other fellowship offered by reputed institutes.
RBE 99/2012    Grant of special Allowance to track maintainer deployed for mane sing any of the engineering gates @ 375 P.M.
RBE 100/2012    MACP scheme for railway servants treatment of employees sleeted under LDCE / GDCE scheme clarification reg.  
RBE 101/2012    भारतीय रेलों के राजभाषा विभाग के कर्मचारियों के लिए संशोधित वेतन संरचना का नियतन
RBE 102/2012    Appointment of Compassionate ground clarification –regarding.
RBE 103/2012    Recognition of courses conducted by institution of civil engineers (India) Ludhiana (PB) for the purpose of employment on the Rlys
RBE 104/2012    Amendment of provisions relating to Holiday Homes oholer XXII of Indian Rly establishment manual volume (rev. edition -1990)
RBE 105/2012    Railway services (revised pay ) rules 2008 clarification under second provides under rules 5 regarding option on promotions between 01-01—2006 & the date of notification.
RBE 106/2012    Issues related to package & Career progression of Trackmen –recommendation of the  Joint Committee reg.
RBE 107/2012    Status of promotions made between date of implementations  of recommendation of 6th CPC and seniority of staff in merger.
RBE 108/2012    Categorization of Government Officers for entitlement of daily allowance on official fours abroad.
RBE 109/2012    Re-engagement of retired staff on daily remuneration basis in exigencies of services 
RBE 110/2012    Grant of washing allowance to the category of Track mentener Gr.III & IV
RBE 111/2012    Direct recruitment qualification for the post of electrical signal maintainer –II in the pay band -1 (Grade pay Rs. 2400)
RBE 112/2012    Payment of Dearness allowance to Railway employees revised rates effective from 01.07.2012
RBE 113/2012    Engagement of course completed act. Apprentice  as substitutes in group ‘D’ on Indian Railways
RBE 114/2012    Grant of Dearness relief to railway pensioners / family pensioner – revised rate effective from 07.07.2012
RBE 115/2012    Revised in the rate of Ration money allowance in respect of non –Gazetted RPF /RPSF personal.
RBE 116/2012    Revision of minimum rate of wages and variable dearness allowance.
RBE 117/2012    Grant of privilege passes / PTOs to dependent relatives –raising the income ceiling limit.
RBE 118/2012    Payment of productivity Linked Bonus (PLB) to all eligible non-Gazetted Railway employees for the financial year 2011-2012.
RBE 123/2012    Issue of uniform and other accessories to Trackmen, Key men Mates and Trolley men supply of Lumen vests scent safety Jacket specification regarding.
RBE 125/2012    Enhancement in the rate of honurium payable to various functionaries engaged by RRBs for conducting examinations. 
RBE 126/2012    Recruitment of staff in pay band-1 Rs.5200-20200 (Grade pay 1800) on Indian Railway criteria for physical efficiency test CPET) regarding.
RBE 127/2012    Complaints committee to enquire in to complaints of sexual Harassment against additional secretaries and secretaries to the government of Indian reconstitutes on of the complaints committee regarding.  
RBE 128/2012   पारिवारिक पेंशन मृतक पेंशन के सम्बन्ध में परिवार के दावेदार (पति पत्नी के अतिरिक्त) द्वरा फार्म 10 पीपीओ तथा मृत्यु प्रमाण पत्र के साथ प्रस्तुत किये जाने वाले दस्तावेजो की सूचि के सम्बन्ध में
RBE 129/2012    01.07.2012 to rate of night duty allowance.
RBE 130/2012    Extension of deputation period of Railway employees with PSUS / Auto  no mous foodies beyond three four years adherence of existing instructions guide livngs there of.
RBE 132/2012    Validity of post recruitment complimentary Passes (PRCP) widow passes issued to KRCL employees over Indian Railways.
RBE 133/2012    Training module for chief staff & welfare inspector and office super indent of personnel other departments selection through LDCE quota.
RBE 136/2012    Retention of railway accommodation at the previous place of posting by railway officers / staff posted to rail wheel plant (RWP) /Bela Dist.Saran, Bihar
RBE 137/2012    Recognition of Indian Body Builders federation –regarding.
RBE 138/2012    रेलवे के सार्वजानिक छेत्र  के उपक्रमों में प्रतिनियुक्ति होने पर रेल अधिकारीयों / कर्मचारियों द्वारा रेल आवास अपने पास रखने की समीक्षा
RBE 139/2012    रेलों पर केन्द्रीयकृत प्रशिक्षण संस्थानों में मेस की सुविधाओं के बारे में सामान्य दिशा निर्देश के सम्बन्ध में स्पष्टीकरण
RBE 141/2012    Complimentary card pass issued to freedom fighter / their widows validity to travel in Doronto trains.
RBE 142/2012    Grant of financial up gradation under MACP scheme –clarification reg.
RBE 143/2012    रेलवे बोर्ड के केंद्रीय जाँच दस्ते में कार्यरत कर्मचारियों के सम्बन्ध में स्वीकार्य विशेष भत्ते की दर में संशोधन
RBE 145/2012    जम्मू - उधमपुर - श्रीनगर - बारामुला परियोजना के लिए तेनात अधिकारीयों / कर्मचारियों के पक्ष में तेनाती के पिछले स्थानों पर रेलवे आवास अपने पास रखना
RBE 147/2012    Rightsizing policy on creation of posts.

RBE 148/2013    Revised pay limits for entitlement of Passess/PTOs-reckoning of running allowance in case of running staff/Case of Tower Wagon Drivers (TWD)

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