RBE 1/2011    Reckoning of period spent on study leave form earning leave
RBE 2/2011
RBE 3/2011    Revised pay limit for entitlement of passes/ PTOs on the bases of pay drawn in the Rly. Services (Revised Pay )Rules, 2008
RBE 4/2011    Payment of EX gratia Lump-sum compensation to families of Railway employees who die in harness on duty.
RBE 5/2011    Dealing the case or recruitment of sportspersons against sports quota, as per old and new Policy letter.
RBE 6/2011    Entitlement of Pass facilities under MACPS- Clarification reg.
RBE 7/2011    Re-engagement of retired staff on remuneration basis in exigencies of service
RBE 8/2011    Reorganization of 8-Bill &9-Ball Pool.
RBE 9/2011         विभिन्न देशों में ड्यूटी पर यात्राओं के लिए देनिक भत्ते की दरें - पूर्ण भत्तों की दरों को बहाल करना
RBE 10/2011        रेल सेवक (अनुशासन एवं अपील) संशोधित नियम 2011
RBE 11/2011        Inclusion of Assistant Sports Officer/Sports Officer in Trial Committee.
RBE 12/2011        रेलमंत्री जी की 2010-11 की बजट घोषणा - लाइसेंसधारी पोर्टरों , लाइसेंसधारी वेंडरों एवं लाइसेंसधारी फेरीवालों को राष्ट्रीय स्वस्थ्य बीमा योजना (आर एसबीवाई) में शामिल करना
RBE 13/2011        
RBE 14/2011        Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme,1980-Tables Benefits for the Savings Fund for the period from 1.1.2011 to 31.12.2011.
RBE 15/2011        Recommendation of the 6th Central Pay Commission Encashment of Leave on Average Pay(LAP) while availing Privilege Pass/ PTO.
RBE 16/2011        Recruitment of staff in pay Band-1of Rs.5200-20200 (Grade pay Rs.1800)on Indian Railway
RBE 17/2011        Rates of Dearness Allowance applicable W. e. f. 01-01-2010and 17-01-2010to the railway employees continuing to draw their pay in the Pre- revised scale
RBE 18/2011        Revised  travel entitlement of gazette officers on duty Passes Privilege Passes and Post retirement complimentary Passes
RBE 19/2011        Procedure for conducting typewriting test on computers
RBE 20/2011        Filling up Posts of JE-II in Per-revised grade Rs.5000-8000 (PB-2/G.P.Rs.4200 RSRP- Selection against Intermediate Apprentices Quota-Allowing one more chance for selection of the staff with Pre-revised Qualification.
RBE 21/2011        Child care Leave to female Railway Rmployees- Clarification regarding
RBE 22/2011        Staff Benefit Fund- Continuance of benefits to staff receiving benefit of the MACP Scheme.
RBE 23/2011        Instruction for transfer of sportspersons recruited against sports quota, from one Railway/ Unit/ Division to another Railway/ Unit/ Division.
RBE 24/2011        Upper age limit for direct recruitment to Group C&D Posts on the Railways.
RBE 25/2011        Children Education Allowance/ HOSTEL subsidy Clarification regarding
RBE 26/2011        Out-of-turn Promotions to sportspersons on  account- clarification regarding
RBE 27/2011        Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme, 1980- Tables of Benefit for the Savings Fund for the period from 1.1.2011 to 31.12.2011
RBE 28/2011        Minimum service period required for Inter-Railway/Divisional transfer, as mentioned in Offer of Appointment to sportspersons for recruitment against Sports Quota.
RBE 29/2011        Filling up of the posts of Dresser Gr.III/Operation Theatre Assistant Gr.III in the PB-1 Rs.5200-20200 GP RS.1900 in the medical department.
RBE 30/2011        Traveling Allowance Rules-Implementation of the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission-Journey on Transfer.
RBE 31/2011        Apprentices Act,1961-Payment of stipend to the Trade Apprentices-Increase in the rate of.
RBE 32/2011        Analysis of causative factors of human error during train accidents
RBE 33/2011        Counting of period spent on extraordinary leave as qualifying service- clarification regarding.
RBE 34/2011        Promotion to the post of Laboratory Superintendent Gr.III-Medical Department.
RBE 35/2011        Revised travel entitlements for privilege passes– clarification reg.
RBE 36/2011
RBE 37/2011        Recruitment of staff in pay band -1 of Rs.5200-20200 (G.Pay Rs.1800) on Indian Railway
RBE 38/2011        Merger of grades- Filing up of non gazetted post-Constitution of Selection Committee regarding.
RBE 39/2011        Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme(MACP) for the Railways Employees-Clarifications Regarding.
RBE 40/2011        Payment of Dearness Allowance to Rly. employees-Revised rates effective from 01.01.2011.
RBE 41/2011        General Departmental Competitive Examination (GDCE) for filling up of 25% net direct recruitment quota vacancies in Group ‘C’ Categories-Extension of currency upto 31.0.2014.
RBE 42/2011        ड्राइवर, गेंगमेन तथा रु 18०० की ग्रेड पे वाली अन्य संरक्षआ  कोटियों पर लागू संरक्षा संबध सेवानिवृति योजना
RBE 43/2011        Retention of Railway accommodation on educations grounds definition of  ‘end” of  academic/scholastic session”.
RBE 44/2011        Implementation of recommendations of 6th cpc-merger of grands-revised classifications and mode of filling up posts of catering.
RBE 45/2011        Forwarding of gazette notifications  G.S.R No 737 (E) dated 7th, sept.2010 regarding
RBE 46/2011        Rightsizing Indian  Railways
RBE 47/2011        Grant of advance increments/special allowance to stenographers in subordinate offices for acquiring higher speed in shorthand.
RBE 48/2011        Grant of family pension to childless widow of a deceased central Government employees after her remarriage clarification reg.
RBE 49/2011        Grant of Dearness Relief to Railway pensioner/ family pensioners- Revised rate effective from 01.01.2011.
RBE 50/2011        State Railway Provident Fund – Rate of Interest during the year 2010-2011.
RBE 51/2011
RBE 52/2011        Conducting of selection/ suitability test in regional language.
RBE 53/2011
RBE 54/2011        Rate of Dearness Allowance applicable W.e.f. 01.01.2011 to the railway employees continuing to draw their pay in the pre-revised scale as per 5th CPC.
RBE 55/2011        Incentive for acquiring higher Scientific/ Accounts/Technical Qualification of Group “C” employees.
RBE 56/2011        Revision of minimum rates of wages and Variable Dearness Allowance.
RBE 57/2011        Amendment to the Indian Railway Establishment Code Volume I,1985 Edition (Reprint Edition 2009) chapter V-Leave Rules.
RBE 58/2011        Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008 clarification  regarding
RBE 59/2011
RBE 60/2011        
RBE 61/2011        Amendment in the “Employee’s Compensation Act, 1923”,
RBE 62/2011        Issue of Duty Card/Cheque Passes to the Personnel of Government Railway Police
RBE 63/2011        Extension of Validity of Compliment Card Passes issued to Defence  Personnel recipients of Kirti Chakra or Shaurya Chakra in Rajdhan/ Shatabdi Express train.
RBE 64/2011       
RBE 65/2011        ऐसे अविवाहित रक्षाकर्मियों, जिन्हें मरणोपरांत परमवीर चक्र अथवा अशोक चक्र प्रदान किया जाता हे, के माता  पिता को मानार्थ कार्ड पास की सुविधा प्रदान करना
RBE 66/2011        मकान किराया भत्ता प्रदान किये जाने के लिए शहरों / कस्बों के पुनर्वर्गीकरण के सम्बन्ध में छठे केंद्रीय वेतन आयोग की सिफारिशों पर सर्कार का निर्णय
RBE 67/2011        Rates of Night Duty Allowance w.e.f.01.01.2011.
RBE 68/2011        Submission of immovable property returns by officers of  Group A central services for the year 2010 (as on 01.01.2011 ) placing in the public domain regarding.
RBE 69/2011        Extension of scope of family Pension to Widow/divorcee/unmarried daughter and dependent disafled
RBE 70/2011        Holding of formal/Informal function by Railway servants involvement of Private erson,firm, company, organization etc,-regarding.
RBE 71/2011        Grant of Dearness relief to the railway pensioners who are in receipt of provisional pension or pension in the pre- revised scale of 5th CPC W.e.f. 01.01.2011
RBE 72/2011        Grant of overtime Allowance to Railway employees consequent upon revision of pay scales and allowance- date of effect.
RBE 73/2011        Amendment of provisions relating to railway staff Benefit Fund Chapter 8 of the Indian railway Establishment Code volume 1 1985 Edition (second Reprint-2003)
RBE 74/2011        Complimentary Card Passes issued to freedom fighters/their widows-validity to travel in 2’nd Acne Rajdhani trains.
RBE 75/2011        Clarification inter-Divisional/unit transfer of sports Person recruited Against Sports Quota within the Railway.
RBE 76/2011        Payment of composite Transfer Grant
RBE 77/2011        Appointment on Compassionate grounds Delegation of Power regarding.
RBE 78/2011        Clarification on increase incretion Allowance 25% as a result of enhancement of dearness allowance w.e.f. 01.01.2011 
RBE 79/2011        Regularization of  Period of unauthorized absence.
RBE 80/2011        Issue of Privilege Pass/PTO and Retirement Complimentary Pass in the next year’s account.
RBE 81/2011        Revised training Modules for Supervisors of Mechanical Engineering dept.
RBE 82/2011        Retention of railway quarter by Railway officer/ Staff Posted to NHAI on deputation.
RBE 83/2011        Grant of Fixed Medical Allown revised form 100to 300 from 1.9.2008 vie Board letter Pc-V/2010/A/Med dated 29.06.2010 to the RLY Pension family Pension clarification in regarding.,
RBE 84/2011        Grant of Transfer Allowance to officers drawing Grade Pay of 10000/R.12000/R those in Hag +Grade.
RBE 85/2011
RBE 86/2011        Ad-hoc Promotion of staff in Construction and other Project.
RBE 87/2011        Enhancement in the rate of various allowance by 25% as a result of of enhancement of Dearness Allowance w.e.f.01.01.2011
RBE 88/2011        Enhancement in the rate of various allowance by 25% as a result of enhancement of Dearness Allowance W.E.F.01.01.2011
RBE 89/2011
RBE 90/2011        Recruitment of sports Persons against sports quota, through Talent Scouting.
RBE 91/2011        
RBE 92/2011        Reservation while engaging candidates as Act.
RBE 93/2011        Grant of financial upgrading under MACP to the direct recruit Graduate Engineers of drawing Cadre- clarification reg.
RBE 94/2011        Periodical Transfer of Railway employees.
RBE 95/2011        Encashment of Leave on Average Pay(LAP) while availing Privilege Pass/PTO-Clarification regarding.
RBE 96/2011        Apprentices Act,1961-Payment of stipend to the Engineering Graduation/Diploma Holders-Increase in the rate of.
RBE 97/2011        Disclosure of marks, secured by the candidates in the written test held for Selection /LDCE for promotion within Group ‘C’.
RBE 98/2011        
RBE 99/2011        Safety Related Retirement Scheme covering safety categories with Grade Pay of Rs.1900/-
RBE 100/2011    Revision of rates of stipend to apprentices and trainees on Railways.
RBE 101/2011    Issue of school Passes.102
RBE 102/2011
RBE 103/2011    Mobility of pensionable between Central Government/Central Autonomous Bodies and State Government- clarification regarding.
RBE 104/2011    Retention of railway quarter by Railway officers/ Staff posted to ECR and NWR.
RBE 105/2011    Amendment to rule 18 of Railway services (conduct)rules 1966
RBE 106/2011    Earmarking of posts for promotion of non-Appendix-3 qualified Accounts Assistants in the merged cadre of Sr. SO (A/ cs.) and SO (A/ cs.).
RBE 107/2011    Safety Related Retirement scheme covering safety categories with Grade Pay of Rs.1900/-
RBE 108/2011    Enhancement in the rate of festival Advance as a result of enhancement of Dearness Allowance W.e.f.01.01.2011
RBE 109/2011    Out-0f-turn promotions to sportspersons on sports account, in merger grades.
RBE 110/2011    Fixation of pay sports persons recruitment against sports quota.
RBE 111/2011    Recommendation of 6Thcpc –Grant of conveyance Allowance at the revised rate to railway medical officers.
RBE 112/2011    Entitlements on kit pass admissible to railway servants on transfer/ retirement.
RBE 113/2011    Report of training centers on Indian railway-calculation of capacity utilization
RBE 114/2011    Supply of uniform to eligible categories of railway employees.
RBE 115/2011    Applicability of minimum pay/ staping up of pay-clarification reg.
RBE 116/2011    Recruitment of sports persons against sports quota through open advertisement.
RBE 117/2011    Grant of Fixed Medical Allowance to railway pensioners / family pensioner.
RBE 118/2011    Travelling Allowance rules –Journey on Transfer/Retirement.
RBE 119/2011    Railway servants( Discipline and appeal )second Amendment Rules
RBE 120/2011    Revision of pension / Family pension in respect of the pensioners who were in receipt of compulsory retirement pension and compassionate allowance under rules 64.
RBE 121/2011    Target for disposal of cases received from sports persons for recruitment against sports quota through Talent scouting. 
RBE 122/2011    Grant of Sunder ban Allowance to railway employees working in west Bengal.
RBE 123/2011    
RBE 124/2011    Inclusion of names of members of Family in the PPO and proof of age for additional Quantum of family pension requirement of certificated etc .regarding.
RBE 125/2011    Rotation place of posting by RLY. Employees posted to Northern front ion RLY. 
RBE 126/2011    Dress regulation 2004 payment of slithering dirges
RBE 127/2011    Recruitment against scouts &Guides and cultural quota for the Year 2011-2012 regarding.
RBE 128/2011    Gant of family pension to dependent parents of deceased Government employees 
RBE 129/2011    Revised training module for assistant Loco pilots
RBE 130/2011    Revised training module for supervisors of signal & Telecommunication deptt.
RBE 131/2011    Validity of passes for travel in Garibrath express train.
RBE 132/2011    संतान शिक्षा भत्ते के सम्बन्ध में स्पष्टीकरण
RBE 133/2011    Revised training modules for electrical engineering deptt.
RBE 134/2011    Payment of Productivity Linked Bonus to all eligible Non-gazetted Railway employees for the financial year 2010-2011.
RBE 135/2011
RBE 136/2011
RBE 137/2011    Payment of Dearness Allowance to Railway employees- Revised rates effective from 01.07.2011.
RBE 138/2011    Fixation of pay of medically decotegarised  running staff where kept on supernu marry post grating benefits of running allowance Regarding.
RBE 139/2011
RBE 140/2011    रेल सुरक्षा बल / रेल सुरक्षा विशेष बल के वर्ग ग तथा घ कर्मचारियों को वित्त वर्ष 2010-11 के लिए 30 दिनों के तदर्थ बोनस की मंजूरी
RBE 141/2011    Revision of pension of per-1996 and per- 2006 retired employees of scale Rs.6500-10500/- w.e.f. Grade pay of Rs. 4600/-.  
RBE 142/2011    विद्युतीकरण के कार्यों को पूरा करने के लिए केंद्रीय रेल विद्युतीकरण संगठन इलाहाबाद (कोर) को जनशक्ति प्रदान करना अनुदेशों को पुनरावर्तित करने के सम्बन्ध में
RBE 143/2011    Typing test of Group `C` staff appointed against
RBE 144/2011
RBE 145/2011    Revised Pay limits for entitlement of School Pass, School Card Pass and Residential Card Pass.
RBE 146/2011    Payment of Ex-gratia lump sum compensation to the families of Railway employees who die in harness on duty – Withdrawal of ceiling on aggregate of payments from different sourees.
RBE 147/2011    अराजपत्रित रे.सु.ब. / रे.सु.वि.व. कार्मिकों के सम्बन्ध में राशन धन भत्ते की दर में संशोधन 
RBE 148/2011    बिजली विभाग में पर्यवेक्षकों के लिए संशोधन प्रशिक्षण मोड्यूल
RBE 149/2011    सिग्नल एवं दूरसंचार विभाग में पर्यवेक्षकों के लिए संशोधन प्रशिक्षण मोड्यूल
RBE 150/2011    25 वर्ष से अधिक आयु की विधवा / अविवाहित पुत्रियों को बड़ी हुई दरों पर परिवार पेंशन का भुगतान करने के सम्बन्ध में
RBE 151/2011    Revision of rates of stipend to apprentices and trainees on Railways.
RBE 152/2011    रेल पेंशनधारियों को परिवार पेंशन धारियों को महंगाई रहत प्रदान करना 01.07.2011 से प्रभावी संशोधित दर
RBE 153/2011
RBE 154/2011
RBE 155/2011    भारतीय रेलों को सही आधार (राइटसिजिंग ) देना
RBE 156/2011    
RBE 157/2011    सदस्यता और सदस्यता शुल्क की प्रतिभूति के लिए मान्यता प्राप्त संस्थानों की सूचि में संस्थानों को शामिल करना, संस्थानों के नाम अध्यन करना
RBE 158/2011    छठे वेतन आयोग की सिफारिशों को लागु करना ग्रेडों का विलय अराजपत्रित पदों का संशोधित वर्गीकरण तथा उन्हें भरने का तरीका 31-11-2011 के बाद रिक्तियों को भरने की योजना
RBE 159/2011    Recruitment of sports persons against sports quota in Ball Badminton Bodybuilding and cycling sports disciplines.  
RBE 160/2011    Night duty Allowance.
RBE 161/2011
RBE 162/2011    Educational qualification for sports persons for recruitment sports quota.
RBE 163/2011    Rates  of Dearness Allowance applicable W.e.f. 01.07.2011to the Railway employees continuing to draw their pay in the Pre- revised scale as per 5th CPC.
RBE 164/2011    Recruitment of Group `D` staff having Grade pay Rs.1800 on railway regarding.
RBE 165/2011    Recognition of Engineering diploma / degrees abstained through distance Education mode –Acceptance for purpose of Employment on the Railway. 
RBE 166/2011    Recruitment /engagement of persons in Pay Band of 5200-20200 (Grade Pay of 1800/-) Minimum education – regarding.
RBE 167/2011    Applicability of railway service (Revised pay)Rules 2008 to persons re-employed in railway service after retirement and whose pay is debitable Railway Estimates.
RBE 168/2011
RBE 169/2011    Conduct of pension Adalats and dealing with pensioners.
RBE 170/2011    गाड़ी पास करने / ओपरेशन ड्यूटीयो के शामिल कर्मचारियों से इत्तर कर्मचारियों के लिए पाठ्यक्रमो के सम्बन्ध में पुनश्चर्या प्रशिक्षण प्राप्त करने के लिए आयु सीमा में छुट देना

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