Schedule of Power(SOP) North Western Railway (NWR)

Model SOP

Implementation Letter- Model SOP

Correction slips no 3 of SOP Part A, Item No 4 (Works Matters)


Correction slips no 2F of SOP Part F, Item No 63 (Establishment Matters)

Model SOP, Oct 2017-Corrigendum 17.04.2018_G/HQ/NWR/SOP-Vol III
Schedule of Power part 'A' (Estb. Matters)_Guidelines 09.04.2018_796-E/O/SOP Part'A'/Policy Vol-I
Revision of Model Schedule of Power (SOP) 04.04.2018_G/HQ/SOPs/2017
Correction slip No 1(D) of SOP Part D, Item 6(A) (Stores Matter) 20.03.2018_G/HQ/NWR/SOP-STO(D)/2017 
Model Schedule of Power 08.03.2018_G/HQ/SOP
Correction slip No 2 of SOP part C
Correction slip No 1 of SOP part E-Commercial Matters 07.12.2017_G/HQ/NWR/SOP-COM(E)/2017

Schedule of Power(SOP) North Western Railway (NWR)


SOP Part 'A'

Establishment Matters

First Edition 2003 Updated upto 11.08.2016 CS 16(A)
SOP Part 'B'

Misc. Matters

Second Edition 2014 Updated upto 15.09.2016 CS 8(B)
SOP Part 'C'

Commercial Matters

Edition 2010Updated upto 11.08.2016 CS 3(C)

SOP Part 'D'

Medical Matters Second Edition 2010 Updated upto 11.08.2016 CS 4(D)
SOP Part 'E' Works Matters Third Edition 2010 Updated upto 15.09.2016 CS 14(E)
SOP Part 'F' Store Matters Third Edition 2016 Updated upto 01.09.2016 CS1(F)

Correction Slips of SOP Part 'A' (Estt.)
Correction Slips of SOP Part 'B' (Misc.)    
Correction Slips of SOP Part 'C' (Comm.)    
Correction Slips of SOP Part 'D' (Med.)    
Correction Slip of SOP Part 'E' (Works)    
Correction Slips of SOP Part 'F' (Stores)    


Correction Slip No. 9Bof SOP Part B 2nd Edition (2014), item no. 22(ii) G/HQ/NWR/SOP-B/2014 Dated 24.03.2017 CS-9-B Furniture Purchase to CWM(SAG)
SOP 'A'-Guidelines NWR-796/E/O/SOP Part'A'/Policy Vol-I Dated 09.03.2017 CS-7-A Estt. (Cat.Change)
Delegation of Powers of reappropriation RB-2011-B-174 Dated 16.02.2017 PS_016/2017 Works
Amendment to Para -648 & 651 of IRMM 2000-Delegation of Powers to GM-Reg. RB- 2011/H/6-4/Policy-I Dated 02.01.2017 PS_009/2017 Medical Reimbursement









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