Charges against the Ticket Checking Staff are very unfortunate and have earned widspread Resentment amongst Staff– AIRF

Railway Board should continue LARSGESS Scheme- AIRF Reference

Railway Board Cancelled Letter Dated 30.01.2017 (instructions debarring Supervisory Staff.)

After the Sustained Struggle of AIRF Railway Board to withdraw instructions debarring Supervisory Staff (GP Rs. 4200 and above) working in safety categories to become office bearers of the unions - Railway Board to issue orders within a day or two.

Shifting of the Central Railway Headquarters Building and its conversion to World Class Rail Museum

Brief on the discussion with the CRB on date 01.12.2017

Minutes of the separate meeting of the Federation(AIRF) with AM(Staff) held on 25.08.2017 on left over PNM/AIRF Items

Discussion with the Railway Board in the matter of Running Allowance

Revision in the rates of KMA and ALK for running staff

AIRF DC-JCM Item 15/2012 - Today in the meeting with AIRF in Railway Board.It has been decided that Orders regardubg Cadre Restructuring of Track Maintainers (in the ration of 10:20:20:50) will be issued by 31.12.2017.

Appointments on compassionate ground, under LARSGESS, and recruitment of the Course - D.O. to Hon'ble Minister for Railways

Brief of the meeting held today with Hon’ble MR

Safety is supreme – Com. Shiva Gopal Mishra writes to Shri Piyush Goyal/MR




* खाद्य सुरक्षा अधिकारी (मेडिकल) का चयन। 

* मुख्य विधि सहायक का विधि अधिकारी मे रेलवे बोर्ड की पॉलिसी के अनुसार अपग्रेडेशन 

* ट्रेक मशीन स्टाफ की समस्याएँ। 

* जयपुर मे अधीनस्थ विश्रामगृह। 

* लोको पायलेट को कनवर्ज़न ट्रेनिंग । 

* केंद्रीय अस्पताल जयपुर मे विभिन्न सुविधाएं।  

* रेल भर्ती कक्ष जयपुर की समस्याएँ। 

*. रोकड़ कार्यालय स्टाफ की पददोन्नति व अन्य मद। 

*. NWREU GM PNM Item 38/2017 ट्रेकमेंटेनर को पानी की बोतल की एवज मे मिलने वाली राशि।

*.प्रमुख मुख्य कार्मिक अधिकारी महोदय के साथ पीएनएम मदों पर चर्चा

*. Suggestions for boosting moral & happiness level of the employees.

*. Suggestions for Increasing the Happiness Level of the staff.

*. एआईआरएफ़-रेलवे बोर्ड पीएनएम 6/7 दिसम्बर 2017 

*. प्रमुख मुख्य इंजीनियर के साथ चर्चा

*. कार्मिक अधिकारियों की कान्फ्रेंस।




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